How To Video: Inbound Call Configuration & Phone Number Purchase

Please note that this feature requires an upgrade to our Inbound/Preview Dialer. You would select one of the VOIP plans to enable these features.

*You must also verify the inbound #s after purchasing. 1) Log into the Dialer 2) Click the 'Verify' Button next to the Number you are looking to verify. 3) Answer the Inbound Call from the Automated System. 4) After you answer the all, click the Dial Pad Icon. 5) Enter the 6 digit code that is next to verify number. 6) Set the number as your Active Caller ID or for specific area codes. Click HERE for a visual walk through of those instructions.

*We've added the ability to purchase 800#s since making this video. They are $3/mo/line. (Local #s are $2/mo/line)