Edit Lead or Client

To Edit a Lead or Client, you'll need to click on their name from either the Dashboard, Lead List or Client List page. Also you can use the 'Quicks' to edit a lead or client. Keep in mind that the 'Quicks' only allow for editing of Contact Data, Coverage Type, Status, Temperature, Carrier, Product and Agent.


Add Notes & Conversations you had with Leads or Clients. Notes are Date & Time Stamped as well as Records the User whom added the note.


Data Points on Lead or Client. Also the Tab where Coverage Type, Status, Carrier, Product & Agent can be changed. Commissions & Renewals can be Edited on this page as well.


Attach Files & URLs


Add additional products a Lead or Client might have with your agency beyond the Primary Policy. Example may be a Medicare Advantage Client whom also has a Finale Expense policy with you as well.


Add or Remove Tags
Add or Edit Tasks & Reminders
Generate Quotes
Click on Email Address to send email
Convert Lead to Client
Delete Lead or Client


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