Importing Leads from your Website

Integrate the Radius Lead Generation Form on your website. You can take the code as is or you can just take everything between the <FORM> Tags and integrate it with your existing website to keep the same look and feel. Radius Support will work with you to make sure that you get the information you need to make the import function properly. There are Agents and Agencies that use this on multiple pages on their sites

*note, an exception is the JotForm contact tool. Go to Import from Lead Vendors for instructions on that webform. If you come across a webform you want to use that requires something different, post its name and your website address in a tech ticket for us to review.
  1. Cut and Paste the code from within your Radius Account (Account > Billing Information > Web Form) into Notepad or Download the Contact Us File

  2. Edit the noted areas within the code, all (Agency Name(s) and Phone Numbers)

    • <input type=HIDDEN name="SUCCESS_URL" value="" />
      • <input type=HIDDEN name="ERROR_URL" value="" />

*Optional: Add a tag of Webform into your code so that you can easily track the lead source. Settings> Tags> Add Tag and then add this code to your webform: -<input type=HIDDEN name=TAGS value="Tag Name Here" />

  1. Save as .html file and FTP to your server.

  2. By the time you are done, your web page should look like the image below and if it doesn't contact Radius Support (support @ radiusbob dot com)

Lead Generator Page