Import Leads from Spreadsheet

Import your existing book of business (Leads or Clients) through a CSV File.

Download the Import Sample File to understand better how to format your import. The key items to remember are below and must be followed to have as smooth as possible of an import. No Fields are Required, what is not populated will be left blank.

You can only import Leads on the Lead Import page and Clients on the Client Import Page. You will need two separate files, one for leads and one for clients. Remember, they are imported in different parts of Radius.

Column Headings for Data Fields:
Name - First & Last Name of Lead or Client
Address - Physical Address associated with Lead or Client
City - City associated with Lead or Client
State - State associated with Lead or Client
Zip - Zip associated with Lead or Client
Email - Lead or Client's Email Address
Phone - Lead or Client's Phone Number
CellPhone - Lead or Client's Cell Phone Number
Status - Lead or Client's Status - Description must match an existing Record Status Description
Agent - First Last Name of Agent assigned to Lead or Client. Names must be exactly the same as they are under 'Agents'
Coverage Type - Only options are: Basic Lead, Health, Life, Auto, Annuities, Home, Condo or Renters
Product - Name of any of your products
Effective Date - Lead or Client's Effective Date
Insert Date - Lead or Client's Create date
Close Date - Lead or Client's Close Date (date converted from a lead)
Tags - Any of the Tags that are currently setup within the Settings page
Attachment Description - Description of a URL attachment, must be used with Attachment URL
Attachment URL - URL link to store as attachment, must be used with Attachment Description
Tasks - To import tasks, you must create a column called 'task date ' and the category, i.e. Task Date Birthday or Task Date Effective Date. You may also include a description for the task by including a 'task description ' and the category name, i.e. Task Description Birthday or Task Description Effective Date
Custom Form Fields - Any of the Custom Form Fields that are currently setup within the Settings page

Also on the Import Page (Leads & Clients) you can Ignore Duplicates based on:
All Records
(Select more than one to require multiple fields to match)