How to: Google Calendar Sync

To Sync your Google Calendar with your Radius Account, you will need to understand the following steps. Once you perform the necessary instructions of this two-part process, a perfect sync will occur. The result will be an effective way to utilize to schedule your basic need for gaining leads.
Note that you will have to use the Gmail address that is in your Account> My Info> Email field.

To Sync your Google ID:

1) Go to Account > My Info > Access

2) Click “Connect now” where it says “Google Sign-In”.


3) Type in your Google I.D. or your Gmail username and password in the box provided. You will have to agree to terms to allow access to certain information (don’t be worried).

Your page should now say, “Successfully linked account. You may now login using this account.”

Your email account is officially linked.

To Sync your Google Calendar:

4) Go to Account > My Info > Access

5) Below “Google Sign-In” from Step 2, there is a “Google Calendars” section. Click the “Setup

Offline Google Access” option.


6) Click “Allow” to let have access to your information, and to reach your calendar. The same notification as Step 3 should have appeared.

7) Go back to “My Info” and “Access”. Under “Google Calendar”, make sure your email address is the option to sync. Click the “Sync Google Calendar” option. You should get a green checkmark up top, signifying the sync was a success.

Congrats, you have successfully synced your Google calendar with the system.